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QUEER as FUNK!    February 1, 2002 


Humor and spoken word with MCs Sara Moore and MRV, featuring: lesbian comic Karen Ripley; slam poets Lucky 7, Karen Ladson, and Sonia Whittle; homo-hop's one and only Deep Dickollective; and the wit of Kris Kovick.

Audio Clips

Karen Ladson
Phone Call
Yankee Doodle

Kris Kovick
read by Sara Moore

What I Love About Cancer

Lucky 7
I Remember
The Forbidden

Sara Moore
San Francisco Replacement Terms for the Word "Girlfriend"

Karen Ripley

Marcus Renee Van
Bitter Love
My Brother's Wedding

Sonya Whittle
A Dream
Ain't No Houdini
I'm Lookin
The Women


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