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Ida Acton -- Ida Acton is the preacher's kid. And consequently has been raising hell for a very long time. She has been performing around the bay area and elsewhere since 1995. She is a veteran of many projects at the Luna Sea Women's Performance Project and many more Sister Spit shows. Including the 1998 Ramblin Road Show. And the 1999 Albequerque Poetry Festival. She is recorded on the Greatest Spits album and appeared with Sister Spit at Michigan Woman's Music Festival in August 2001. Currently she is writing a novel which is being tentatively named "Candy". Excerpts from this novel in progress will be appearing in "RAG" and "Reading Room" magazines. More recent readings of this work in progress include the Harvey Milk readers and writers conference and Ladyfest in Olympia Washington. Ida Acton is committed to brutal honesty in her own personal and social examination of American class warfare, the binary gender system and all manner of social inequity.

Robin Akimbo

Charlie Anders

Jessica Arndt -- Jessica writes and slings drinks at El Rio (Your Dive!) in San Francisco, and then heads east each summer to attend The Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts at Bard College, New York. She is consumed with a long and swarthy fiction about sailing, gender, and the gold rush in California. Excerpts of this can be found in the anthology Bottom's Up! from Soft Skull Press. Read her piece "Down in the Dandy-Hole" (hosted by the Velvet Mafia).

Naomi Azriel -- Naomi is an Israeli-American femme dyke and an activist in the sex-worker and peace movements. She is part of the dyke erotica writing collective Dirty Ink and is grateful to be part of the incredible Bay Area leather dyke and butch-femme communities.


Nedjula Baguio

Don Baird -- Don is a legendary local rock news writer and culture critic. You can read his Rockfag columns from 1988 - 2002 here.

Mario Anthony Balcita

Elise Baldwin

Meliza Banales

alegria sonata barclay -- Published in RESYST's "Revolutionary Voices." alegria is a mixed-race queer poet of Vietnamese/Scottish/Swedish descent, still trying to figure out what home means and is, and where she will ultimately reside.

Tina Bartolome -- An emerging filmmaker, Tina is also a queer mixed race pinay, born and raised in San Francisco, a daughter of immigrant parents. A product of the Bay Area youth movement since 1993, Tina stays busy as an educator, activist, events producer, writer and filmmaker affiliated with organizations such as WILD for Human Rights, The Women's Building, Underground Railroad, School of Unity & Liberation and Kreatibo.

Kelly Lee Beardsley

eugénie belle -- high femme by birthright, porn starr by the grace of god & fashionate social worker/ craftress by trade re-decorating the world one white leather sofa at a time.

Marci Blackman -- Marci Blackman is an African American queer writer and unlike the majority of folks you may know, she's not working on her first novel; it's been published, by Manic D Press, "Po Man's Child." She is now at work on her second novel of the trilogy.

Cynthia Blancaflor

Julia Bloch -- Julia Bloch has studied poetry at the Iowa Writers' Workshop and playwriting at the Playwrights' Center in Minneapolis. She completed the MFA program at Mills College. Her first play, Nobody You Know, a one-act family drama about schizophrenia, was seen at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC, and her other plays have been produced or read at the Padded Cellar and the Playwrights' Center in Minneapolis; Pence Gallery Theater in Davis; Carleton College; and Phillips Academy. She has written about politics for Curve, Tikkun, Gaze, and elsewhere, and her poetry has appeared in Manuscript, Breaking Ground, It, and On the Page, Mirage/Period(ical), How2, 26: A Journal of Poetry and Poetics, Lodestar Quarterly, Small Town, Stolen Island Review, Laundry Pen, and the "new brutalism" anthology from Avenue B, Involuntary Vision: After Akira Kurosawa's Dreams. She has a chapbook out from Bigfan Press; in 2003, she won the Joseph Henry Jackson Literary Award. She lives in San Francisco, where she works as an editor.

Cooper Lee Bombardier -- After living in San Francisco for nine years, Cooper has relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Cooper Lee is a transgender visual artist, writer, performer, sometimes actor and host of a monthly queer and trans performance cabaret in Santa Fe called LISP. Cooper has performed and shown visual art extensively in the Bay Area, and has performed across the country both with Sister Spit and by himself. He has spoken on panels of artists at events such as Hampshire College’s Art And Social Change Conference in 2001, and was a featured artist in the 2001 National Queer Arts Festival. Cooper appears on the cover of The Drag King Book, a famous image by Mr. Del LaGrace Volcano that has turned up in all sorts of weird places, such as Strange Universe, and Sex and the City (sorry Sarah, that ain’t a sock!). Cooper was published in the anthology Lowdown Highway, from Junkyard Books, and appears in the trans anthology on Manic D Press edited by Morty Diamond. Cooper pays the rent by working construction, painting houses, welding, and as a union stagehand and set builder. Cooper organizes Lisp, a monthly queer-trans-cabaret in Santa Fe.

Bonfire Madigan (with Madigan Shive)

Lynn Breedlove & her Orchestra -- where Cole Porter meets Punk Rock

Bill Brent

Karen Browne

Kristi Bruce

Louie Butler III


Dwayne Calizo -- Dwayne received his BM in Vocal Performance from University of Hawaii and his M A/ MFA in Creative Inquiry from New College of California. Dwayne Calizo is Co-Director of the experimental theater company ghosttown.

Erik "Checkers"

Justin Chin -- While Justin's website is down, check out this old profile.

Greta Christina

Max Cohen -- Max is a radical white gender-queer activist and spoken word poet. He works as an organizer with Jewish Voice for Peace.

Jen Collins -- Jen Collins is a freelance writer, and queer incest survivor, and is published in a number of anthologies. She received her MA in Transformative Language Arts, and facilitates writing workshops using the Amherst Writers & Artists method.

Rolando Conde

Sherilyn Connelly

Copper Wimmin ( Alyx Benham, Sophia Mallie, and Tenaya Wallach)


Tina D'Elia -- Actor/ Playwright/ Performance Poet/ Dyke March MC/ and staff from CUAV. She starred in a one-woman play that became a short film, "Groucho: A Day in the D’Elia Soup."

Gina de Vries

Deep Dickollective

Dirty Ink Collective (SFinX show curation coordinated by Jen Collins)

Shelley Doty

Kebo Drew -- is an award-winning poet, dancer, and writer whose focus is the African Diaspora in the Americas. A Cave Canem Poetry Fellow, she has performed at venues all over throughout the Europe, the US and the Bay Area, including Justice/Just Us, Poets Against Rape and LunaSea Theatre. She was in the original Liquid Fire cast as a dancer and poet, and has also been the writing facilitator for different Liquid Fire workshops. She danced with groups like the Mambo Queens and Sisters of Substance throughout the world including Bogotà, Mexico City, London, New York and of course San Francisco. She's also been known took shake her considerable assets at Fairy Butch among other venues. Kebo has also appeared in films like “My Femme Divine” and “Desire: Exploring Butch/Femme.” She has also collaborated with filmmaker Madeleine Lim on the short experimental film “Dragon Desire.” Kebo was also the Art Festival Manager for the 1998 The Femme Gender Conference and the National Queer Arts Festival, curating such shows as “Kick The Door Off The Hinges” and “The Copa Cabana: A Femme Fatale Club.” She is the performance co-chair for Femme 2006 (SF, August 2006).


Cindy Emch

Exodus -- Dyke-identified Bi-sexual/ Women/Mujer/Earth Mother/ Change/Writer/Poet/Entertainer/YouthEducator/PartyAnimal/LiquidFire/OtherSiSter/NQAF/DykeDrama1999-2000/Sister/ Daughter/ Wet /Teacher/ Da’ Words So Good/ Proyecto ContraSIDA Por Vida/Dancer/Community Organizer/Friend/Peace Maker-Black Activist/ FREEDOM-Fighter/ Director/ Sound-operator/House Manager/Mentor/ healer/ Seer



Susan Fleming -- Susan Fleming worked as display coordinator for the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt from 1992-1996. In 1991, she worked as fulfillment manager for Spinsters Book Company. She was co-founder of On Our Rag dyke pop culture zine with national distribution during 1991-1992. She earned two B.A. degrees from the University of Michigan in 1989, one in Arts and Ideas and one in Creative Writing. She has been involved with JSC' s spoken word performance series and companion Web site for SFinX: San Francisco Live at JSC. After several years of work as a Web designer, she now operates her own graphic design company.



Jen Gandy

Marlo Gayle -- is a big ol' perv. His writings can be seen in Sex Toy Tales, 5 Minute Erotica, and Suspect Thoughts. As a model he can be seen in Familiar Men. He can also be viewed on DVD in Orgasm: Faces of Ecstasy and Cubbyholes. He is also the Official Prince Impersonator for SF in Exile.

Elizabeth Gimbel

Melissa Gira -- is a writer working in sex and mobile tech, live from the edge of the new whore culture.

Gina Gold

Daphne Gottlieb -- Daphne is the editor of Homewrecker: An Adultery Reader (Soft Skull Press, 2005), as well as the author of Final Girl (Soft Skull Press, 2003), Why Things Burn (Soft Skull Press, 2001) and Pelt (Odd Girls Press, 1999). Final Girl was the winner of the Audre Lorde Award in Poetry for 2003 from Publishing Triangle. Additionally, Final Girl was named one of the The Village Voice'sFavorite Books of 2003, and received rave reviews from Publisher's Weekly, The San Francisco Chronicle and The Village Voice. Why Things Burn was the winner of a 2001 Firecracker Alternative Book Award (Special Recognition — Spoken Word) and was also a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award for 2001. Besides anchoring three national performance poetry tours, recently featuring with Maggie Estep, Hal Sirowitz and Lydia Lunch, Gottlieb has also appeared across the country with the Slam America bus tour and with notorious all-girl wordsters Sister Spit. She has performed at festivals coast-to-coast, including South by Southwest, Bumbershoot, and Ladyfest Bay Area. She has served as the poetry editor of the online queer literary magazine Lodestar Quarterly. She is poetry editor of Other Magazine and teaches at New College of California.


Angelo Hannah -- Angelo is an African American male, underground revolutionary is an artist by nature. He has performed spoken word with brOTHERs, Big Boy's Ink, has sung with Transcendence Gospel Choir, and has done solo performances along the eastern coast. Angelo has performed in Fresh Meat and is involved with the 2006 FTM conference (Seattle).

Liz Henry -- Liz is a Spanish-English translator and a poet. She has published poems, translations, and essays in Lodestar Quarterly, Poetry Flash, other, Two Lines, Cipactli, caesura, Literary Mama, Convergence, and Strange Horizons. In the 90s she edited the riot grrl zines Vanilla Milkshake and Slut Utopia. Through Tollbooth Press, she publishes a small magazine, Composite: Multiple Translations ( Her projects include translating poems by Nydia Lamarque, Juana de Ibarbourou, and Nestor Perlongher. She blogs about poetics, translation, and politics at,, and

Urban Hermitt aka Andre Hewitt

Amelia Hess

Nadyalec (Nabil) Hijazi

Carol Hill

Jayson Hill

Thea Hillman

Philip Huang -- appeared in "Queer writings from Asian Pacific America"



Michael Jackson (the local performer, not the guy in Bahrain)



Katrina James



Juba Kalamka

Dorian Katz

Rocco Kayiatos aka Katastrophe-- freestyler & Sister Spit slammer


Kris Kovick -- The founder of SF in Exile, Kris Kovick was a seminal influence in the San Francisco queer spoken word scene. Her shows in the 1990s at the Bearded Lady inspired the book "Girlfriend Number One" (ed. Robin Stevens) and chapters from her two current humor novellas "The Mochepit of Identity" and "America's Least Wanted" were heard at queer readings around the bay area in the years before her death in 2001. She toured with Sister Spit and produced one book of essays and cartoons "What I Love About Lesbian Politics Is Arguing With People I Agree With" She also had many cartoonist / illustrator credits, including "How Would You Feel If Your Dad Was Gay?" (author Ann Heron) and "Glibquips : Funny Words by Funny Women" (ed. Roz Warren). Read Kris' obituary that was printed in the SF Chronicle.

Angie Krass

Kreatibo Collective (SFinX show curation coordinated by Lolan Sevilla)

Miriam Kronberg



Karen Ladson

Bambi Lake

Reginald Lamar

Ricky Lee aka The Real McKnight

Clare Lewis

Yosenio Lewis

Erika Lopez -- Erika Lopez is half Puerto Rican and half Pit Bull (in her own words). She last published a book in 2001 with Simon and Schuster called 'Hoochie Mamma: The Other White Meat".

Lucky 7


Heathen Machinery

Leslie Mah

Luna Maia

Billie Mandel

Mattilda aka Matt Bernstein Sycamore -- is the editor of That's Revolting! Queer Strategies for Resisting Assimilation, author of Pulling Taffy and the editor of Dangerous Families: Queer Writing on Surviving and Tricks and Treats: Sex Workers Write About Their Clients. She is an instigator of Gay Shame: A Virus in the System, a radical queer activist group that fights the monster of assimilation. Mattilda selected and introduced Best Gay Erotica 2006, and is working on a new anthology, tentatively titled Realness is Overrated: Rejecting the Requirement to Pass. Mattilda has finished her new novel, So Many Ways to Sleep Badly, and is looking for an agent to deliver the multi-million dollar contract, or just publicity and passion.

Cass McGee

George McKibbens

Buchi Miles

Maiana Minahal

Dani Montgomery

Sara Moore -- The current coordinator of SFinX curation and technical production, Sara Moore is a poet and queer activist/ organizer who has lived and performed on open mic stages in the bay area since 1995. Her poetry and translations from Russian have been published on-line, in the US, and in the UK.


Danny Nguyen



Alvin Orloff


Shailja Patel

Celestina Pearl

Jacob Perez aka Scarletto

María Poblet -- María Poblet is a queer Latina poet. She has studied poetry under the direction of June Jordan and Martín Espada. She served as Artistic Director of June Jordan's Poetry for the People, and taught poetry workshops at Mission Cultural Center, FCI Dublin Women's Prison, and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. She works with STORM (Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement), a majority women majority people of color group of community organizers with a vision for change on a revolutionary scale. As part of STORM's work, she helps build people's art for people's power through cultural events and political education about the role of cultural work in revolutionary movements. By day, she organizes low-income tenants San Francisco's Mission District.



Carol Queen -- Carol is a writer, speaker, educator and activist with a doctorate in sexology. Her erotic writing has been performed in many venues, from San Francisco spoken word events like Wordfuck, Perverts Put Out, and Sister Spit group readings to solo shows in alternative venues. She is a cofounder of the Center for Sex and Culture.

Seeley Quest


Kirk Read

Shar Rednour

Carla Richmond

Karen Ripley

Renee Rivera

Jen Ro

Robosapien (Chad and Whitney Skilcorn nee The Dumb Beetles, nee WFS2K02)

Camille Roy


Maher Sabry

The Sarah Gina Jones Passion Dance Troupe

Julia Serano

Lolan Sevilla

Simon Sheppard

Madigan Shive (of Bonfire Madigan)

Sparrow 13

Melisa Spence

Elizabeth Stark

horehound stillpoint


Michelle Tea

Brian Thortenson


Lindasusan Ulrich

Uphill Both Ways


Marcus Rene Van -- Slam Team SF 2000

Morningstar Vancil

Noe Venable


Tyger Walsh

Ariana Waynes -- slammin' joyful to die for

Rebecca Weiner

Lauren Wheeler

Sonia Whittle

Jenny Worley




Dominique Zeltzman

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