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We'll be posting archives from our shows here. Right now we only have posted a few shows, and the files are unfortunately in an old RAM format-- which was all the rage in 2001-- and which is apparently now in 2006 no longer playable! While the technical problem of converting old RAM files to MP3s is being solved, check out the following links to see what shows we've recorded (and will eventually add to this archive):

See the Full List of SFinX Curators and Performers from March 31, 2001 - March 31, 2006

See the Full Collection of SFinX Blurbs March 2001 - March 2006

Once we get these show files converted to a playable format--- to hear the files below you will be able to use the RealAudio player. It works on Macintosh and PC's and it is a free download. If you need the free player, click on the RealPlayer button on the left hand side of this page. Real Audio makes the free player hard to find. You may have to hunt for it, but the FREE player is there.

Inaugural Show   March 31, 2001
Have You Seen Me?   May 12, 2001
Intercourse: A Sex and Gender Spoken Word Recipe for Revolution June 3, 2001, NQAF catalog listing (this show's recording has been lost)
Ballsy Femmes & Flaming Pansies   August 25, 2001
Queer As Funk   February 01, 2002
Working for the Weakened  June 02, 2006

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