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Ballsy Femmes & Flaming Pansies   August 25, 2001 


Featuring exiles Carol Queen, Sexologist & Beacon of Truth; Shar Rednour, author of "The Femme's Guide to the Universe"; Shailja Patel, National Slam Team Santa Cruz 2000; Celestina Pearl, Dykedrama Fest & Liquid Fire 2001; George McKibbens, playwright & slammer extraordinaire; Clare Lewis, National Slam Team Berkeley 2001; Kebo Drew, Liquid Fire 2001; Meliza BaEales, National Slam Team Santa Cruz 1998 & 1999; and your humble host, Sara Moore.

Audio Clips

Intro Dedication

Celestina Pearl
Intro to Celestina
Grandmas Hands
Grandma Lola
La Luna
Letter Intro
Letter to Grandma
Licking Your Pussy
Mama Taught Me

Char Rednour

Clare Lewis
I Wasn't There
I Watch Your Eyes
The World Raised Me

Dr. Carol Queen

George McKibbons
Listen Close
Policeman's Story

Kebo Drew

I Wasn't There
I Watch Your Eyes
The World Raised Me

Meliza Banales
Pizza Chick
Charles Bukowski
Yeah Baby (Intro)
Yeah Baby
Anna In Parts

Shalja Patel
Letter to Keith

Sara Moore
Gender Tender


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